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protect your body

from unavoidable pollutants from the environment and food!

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Naturally detoxifies the body

What is detoxification, also known to many as "detox", all about? The body should be freed from daily environmental and food pollution.

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Protects against pollutants

Even small amounts of certain heavy metals - especially lead, cadmium, arsenic, chromium and nickel are toxic and can put a considerable strain on our body.

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Strengthens the intestinal wall function

KLINOPUR strengthens the intestinal wall function and thus forms a "protective wall" against pollutants, which are caused by food, the environment and much more. enter our body.

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Time to detox

Every one of us is exposed to UNAVOIDABLE stress on a daily basis

ENVIRONMENTAL AND FOOD TOXINS, which we release every day through polluted air, nutrition, cleaning agents, drug residues, and much more. absorb, meanwhile pose a major health risk for all of us. These pollutants stubbornly settle in the body.

Loss of energy, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, headaches or an irritable bowel syndrome can be signs of possible toxins in the body. Are you familiar with these symptoms?* It is best to start detoxifying measures today!

*The causes of the symptoms mentioned are diverse. If you have any health questions or complaints, please consult your trusted doctor or pharmacist!


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Excellent quality. Also flawless in terms of grain. Long time customer. Will remain so.


Finally no more digestive problems! Recommended by many doctors!


I've been taking Klinopur for years, I'm very satisfied, top Austrian product, it's very good for my hair, nails and bowel function. Thank you 👍