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What do experts say about the effect of the extraordinary natural mineral clinoptilolite zeolite* and what empirical values ​​are there already? We have the general practitioner and sports physician Dr. Karl Freynhofer asked:

(* mostly simply called “zeolite” in the further text)

What is your experience with zeolite?

My experience with zeolite results from my 30 years of work as a general practitioner specializing in nutrition and exercise with a diploma in sports medicine . During the last 10 years, I was able to significantly enrich my everyday practice through the use of zeolite.

What effect can be expected when taking zeolite?

This question is not easy to answer: zeolite has a balancing effect on the acid-base balance. As an ion exchanger, zeolite acts like a sponge and absorbs toxic heavy metals, pathogenic germs and drug residues in the intestine.

When do you recommend taking zeolite?

I am very generous with my recommendations. Due to our lifestyle with often incorrect overeating, stress, lack of exercise and sleep in an environment that is not always healthy, we lay the foundation for diseases of civilization such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer.

What positive effects did you observe in patients as a result of taking zeolite?

The main effects are the increase in Quality of life, vitality, strengthening of the immune system and life energy.

How do you rate the grinding of Klinopur in terms of ease of consumption and frequency of intake in connection with a high proportion of clinoptilolite?

Personally, I appreciate the fine grinding because it means it is easily soluble in water. Due to the high quality, a single daily dose is sufficient.

Did you also see changes in the blood values ​​that you would attribute to zeolite?

Changes are shown in the improvement in the liver values; blood lipid levels can also be reduced.

What do you think of a possible increase in performance through zeolite?

In a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind study in 2004, a highly significant improvement in mileage at all thresholds. You can expect a performance improvement of 10 percent.

Do you think zeolite interacts with medications you are taking at the same time? Is caution required here?

Possible interactions can easily be avoided if you wait 2 hours after taking the medication before taking Klinopur to allow for the complete absorption of the medication. The same applies e.g. B with oral iron therapy.

Are there diseases for which you would explicitly recommend taking zeolite?

Yes, for liver diseases, in diabetes mellitus, in rheumatic forms and degenerative-inflammatory joint diseases, in cancer in connection with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, in osteoporosis, but also in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In your opinion, what are the main advantages of regular zeolite intake?

I see the main advantages in prevention the permanent exposure to environmental toxins and radiation exposure (mobile phones), in the fight against hyperacidity and free radicals, but also as a balance to physical or mental stress.

Do you have experience with the external use of zeolite, e.g. B in the form of masks or when applying the powder for faster wound healing? If so, what effect have you observed?

Yes, I personally also use it to treat leg ulcers and poorly healing wounds, superficial abrasions to stop bleeding, but also as a base bath to support it for the removal of acids through the skin, for skin care, for regeneration and to increase physical well-being.

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