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Why detox the body?

The human body comes into daily contact with pollutants from the environment and food. Airborne contaminants (eg. B. Exhaust fumes from cars and industry), in the water or in the ground can get into our bodies and cause damage to our health.

Finely ground zeolite powder offers a simple and natural way of detoxification: certain heavy metals and ammonium can be removed from the body with it. When buying, make sure that it is a certified medical product!

How do I detect a creeping poison load?

Few people think of possible toxins when they have certain symptoms, although these are unfortunately no longer uncommon, because toxins are omnipresent: pesticide residues in food and in unfiltered water, chemicals from detergents, cleaning agents, cosmetics, medicines, plastic packaging, etc.

Possible signs of poisoning:

  • Lack of energy
  • Difficulty concentrating and sleeping
  • Headache
  • Irritable bowel
  • Higher susceptibility to infection

Are you familiar with these symptoms? * It is best to start with detoxification measures today!
* the causes of the symptoms mentioned are manifold. If you have any health questions or complaints, please consult your trusted doctor or pharmacist!

What is clinoptilolite zeolite?

Clinoptilolite zeolite is a natural mineral of volcanic origin. It has sponge-like properties due to its huge, porous surface. In this way, it is able to remove harmful heavy metals, such as e.g. B. lead, cadmium, etc. to bind to yourself. In exchange for the harmful ions, however, zeolite also releases useful trace elements and minerals into the body. These include, for example, magnesium, calcium, potassium and silicon.

How do I recognize a medical device?

A tested, certified zeolite medical product can be recognized by the CE mark with a four-digit identification number of the notified body, e.g. B. CE0477. By affixing the CE mark, the manufacturer declares that the product meets all legal requirements and has undergone a suitable conformity assessment procedure by an external testing and certification company.

The CE mark thus stands for comprehensive safety, effectiveness for human consumption and verified quality. (In contrast to non-approved zeolite products without CE marking)
How is Klinopur used?

In contrast to conventional zeolite products, which leave a sandy feeling in the mouth and have to be used several times a day, it is sufficient to use KLINOPUR only once a day to achieve the desired effect due to its ultra-fine grinding and high clinoptilolite content .

Stir 1 level scoop in a glass of water (250 ml) daily and drink immediately with a meal. The application period is a maximum of 28 days. If taken repeatedly, a break in use of at least one week must be observed.

(Please note the instructions for use on the label)

For whom is Klinopur suitable?

Everyone, regardless of age, should do their best to protect their health. With KLINOPUR everyone can make a contribution to supporting detoxification in the body and bind harmful substances in the digestive tract before they are even absorbed by the organism.

Please note the safety instructions on the label: Not suitable for patients before or after transplantation. The use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and adolescents, patients with existing constipation, restricted kidney function, with existing illness, in drug therapy or in chemotherapy or radiation therapy may only take place after consulting a doctor.

Why is the grinding process also decisive for the quality of KLINIOPUR?

In addition to Klinopur's own mining site, a special grinding process - which optimizes the natural effect of clinoptilolite - is partly responsible for the high quality and effectiveness of Klinopur. The micronization of the raw material takes place through a targeted collision of the particles with each other. This enables an extraordinarily high degree of fineness in combination with the largest possible effective inner surface of the powder and optimal activation. This achieves the best possible effectiveness.

Do you have any further questions about Klinopur? We're happy to answer your questions!